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Blackwater Aculus Limited Edition Knife


Blackwater Aculus - On Propeller Zoom


Robert Young Pelton and LionSteel owner Gianni Pauletta were returning from the IWA trade show in Nuremberg, Germany and Pelton asked Gianni why no one has created the world’s simplest and most durable gentleman’s knife. Pelton wanted to create the lightest, strongest, and most elegant knife ever made. Pelton began sketching his concept while driving through the mountains. When they arrived back in Maniago, Italy, Pauletta and his crew began overcoming the formidable barriers to creating a thin tough folder from a single block of aviation grade titanium alloy. The Blackwater Aculus and LionSTEEL Ti Spine was born from this pure demand for perfection.

Pelton designed and LionSteel manufactured a knife with beautifully fluid lines, exquisite ergonomics, a frame milled from a single piece of titanium, and a tough blade of the highest quality steel. All pieced together with only two screws. The Aculus would be designed for undercover work, where professionals must dress in tuxedos but carry tools that cannot fail. The ergonomics had to work as a knife but also as a concealed hand held tool capable of dealing non-lethal pain to attackers. As the new blade unfolded Pelton noticed that the look and feel was that of a scorpion tail, a simple but deadly shape. The Aculus takes its name from a Scorpion’s aculeus, the tip of the scorpion’s stinger. Like the scorpion’s aculeus, the knife is both beautiful and dangerous. Each can easily inflict injury upon an unwelcome threat.

Pelton wanted the first prototypes to be all black so, like the fine watch one will want to pair with the knife, the Aculus is TiCN PVD coated in black. The coating is not just for appearance, however, the coating increases the strength of the both the handle and blade. The blade is made of Uddeholm ELMAX® steel which is a high chromium-vanadium-molybdenum-alloyed steel with high wear and corrosion resistance.


  • ELMAX® martensitic stainless steel blade forged in Uddeholm, Sweden
  • Matte black, physical vapor deposition (PVD) coated blade
  • American-made titanium 6Al4v alloy machined to unique monoblock frame
  • Blade tempered to 61 HRC, stone washed and TiCN PVD coated black
  • Interchangeable glass breaker pommel screw with tempered stainless steel clip
  • Manufactured by LionSTEEL® in Maniago, Italy
  • Limited run of 100 units to commemorate the launch of the first Blackwater folder
  • Designed by Robert Young Pelton


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Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 3.75oz / 106g
Style Limited Edition
Type Folding
Steel Type Elmax
Blade Length 3.03" / 84mm
Blade Thickness 0.14" / 4mm
Handle Color Black
Handle Material 6Al4v Titanium
Overall Length 7.72" / 196mm
Rockwell Hardness 61
Configuration Right-handed


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