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  • DPx HEST/F Triple Black Makes Cover of BLADE's Best Factory Knives eBook

    In February 2014 BLADE Magazine released their eBook: BLADE's Best Factory Knives: The Best Factory Knives of BLADE's First 40 Years and the DPx HEST/F Triple Black Special Edition ("T3") knife is featured on the cover. The eBook is a three-part series recognizing the top 40 factory knives from 1973-2013. The DPx HEST/F Triple Black Special Edition was named as one of the top knives of 2013 by BLADE Magazine, an accolade DPx Gear is quite proud of considering DPx Gear's short tenure in the industry at the time of the award (about 2 years). The same knife also won BLADE show's Most Innovative Imported Design award in 2012. In April 2014 DPx Gear released its production version of the DPx HEST/F Triple Black with revised hardware to eliminate the need for an expensive tool and availability in four different configurations: right-handed, left-handed, plain edge and serrated edge... Read More -->
  • DPx Gear Introduces the DPx H•I•T: The Carabiner-Carry Knife That Never Needs a Sheath

    A tough fixed blade survival knife with revolutionary blade guard that converts to handle. At SHOT Show 2014, DPx Gear introduced a survival knife line called the DPx HIT (Handle Inversion Tool) with an integral pivoting blade guard that forms the handle.  This patent pending concept is called DPx Centric and will part of new line of knives starting with an action-oriented "DPx Hit Cutter” and followed shortly thereafter by the "DPx HIT Skinner". The DPx Centric system uses a rugged carabiner and an innovated rotating, locking patent pending edge protector. That means there is no need for a bulky or heavy sheath since the blade edge is revealed with a flick of a finger as the guard smoothly becomes the handle.   When not in use the guard snaps back and locks due to the clever DPx Centric design created by Robert Young Pelton. The DPx Centric function is demonstrated in a YouTube video that can be viewed here. The DPx HIT is constructed of martensitic CPM S35-VN  heat treated steel from Crucible Industries and is manufactured by White River Knives based in Coopersville, Michigan.  MSRP will be around $187.50 and the DPx HIT will be sold with a soft leather embossed pouch. The DPx HIT is a patent-pending idea that adds to the dozen patents or so held by DPx Gear founder Robert Young Pelton. Pelton is better known for his ability to  survive kidnapping, plane crashes, car accidents and over two dozen war zones. His exploits as an explorer, TV host, survival expert, best-selling author and filmmaker have taught him what works... Read More -->
  • DPx Gear Takes Intellectual Property Seriously

    Like many other popular knife designers and manufacturers, DPx Gear has been victim to an onslaught of overseas "copy cats". Our trademarks and patented designs have been used without permission on low quality, low price knives. We make a significant investment in protecting our intellectual property and will prosecute any infringers to the fullest extent of the law.  To that end, we have added a new page to our website featuring some examples of counterfeit DPx products which includes links to public notice of our patents as well as links to current patent and trademark infringement law. The majority of the infringers are located in China and the infringing products are posted for sale on websites such as Alibaba.com, dhgate.com and eBay in large quantities. The most commonly copied product is our DPx HEST/F and the fake product typically has a masonic symbol on the scale. Some other variations we've seen include a version with the ESEE Knives Izula logo on one side of the blade with the DPx "circle" logo on the other side of the blade as well as a version with nylon sheath. The longer our product is out, the closer the infringing product may look to the actual product which may cause confusion to the consumer; especially if the consumer has never seen our product in person. We recommend only purchasing your DPx product from an authorized dealer. If you have any concerns about your product being a counterfeit or if you... Read More -->
  • Christmas Day Shipping Cut-Off Dates

    As we quickly approach Christmas, we would like to make you aware of our deadlines for shipping by carrier (US only) for your package to arrive by Christmas Day. Be sure to choose the option that ensures your package will arrive on time! If you have any concerns or special requests, please feel free to make a note it's a Christams order or contact our Customer Service team at customerservice@dpxgear.com or (619) 780-2604. USPS Standard Post - Order by December 13th UPS Ground - Order by December 16th UPS 3 Day Select - Order by December 18th USPS First Class Mail - Order by December 19th UPS Second Day Air - Order by December 19th USPS Priority Mail - Order by December 20th UPS Next Day Air - Order by December 22nd... Read More -->
  • DPx HEFT 4 Woodsman Featured in Active's Gear Guide

    The DPx HEFT 4 Woodsman is featured in Active Outdoor's Gear Guide and is recommended for the "mountain man". ... Read More -->
  • Bass Fishing Frenzy Tactical Blog Review of HEFT 4 Milspec

    Here's a great review of the DPx HEFT 4 Milspec by the Bass Fishing Frenzy Tactical Blog. The review is copied below or can be found here. The DPX gear HEFT 4 Assault Hey guys, its Tag again, with another spectacular product coming your way! This time We're checking out the DPx Gear HEFT 4 Assault edition.  this knife can be found at http://www.dpxgear.com/dpx-heft-4-milspec.html What DPx Calls the HEFT  DPx Gear redefined the term “survival knife” with the DPx H•E•S•T. Now the Hostile Environment Field Tool takes our survival concept bigger, harder and longer. The DPx HEST has a stouter, bolder, four inch brother in 0.19” thick patented German Lohmann Niolox 1.4153.03 stainless, high-performance blade steel sword-grind blade is machined from German Uddeholm Niolox® niobium-enhanced stainless tool steel tempered and cryo-hardened to 61 HRC. This “take to the fight” version delivers more punch in an open use environment or where the pry bar and concealed use of the HEST is not as critical. This is a knife that is virtually indestructible even in the most demanding survival situations. Built to get you home alive, the DPx HEFT 4 is your ticket out of adversity. It's the last survival knife you'll buy and is a hard working blade that is ideal for military and rugged outdoor pursuits. Ideal for both the demands of bushcraft and wilderness survival use, the HEFT 4 Milspec also comes into play as a self defense weapon and edged tool. Made to be hammered, abused, and stressed to its limits, the blade will stay razor sharp... Read More -->
  • Review of the Danger Tag by Tactiholics on YouTube

    Check out the latest review of DPx Gear's Danger Tag by Tactiholics on YouTube. See this handy little EDC cut through zip ties and duct tape. Perfect for carrying everyday in your wallet, car, or pocket. Buy yours for $5 here. http://youtu.be/7kladb3oFcA... Read More -->
  • Follow DPx Gear on Instagram!

    We'd like to invite you to follow Lisa Pelton, DPx Gear's COO on Instagram today at dpxgear_lisa. We’ll share behind-the-scenes photos from the DPx headquarters as well as plenty of photos of our various adventures. We may even squeeze in a giveaway or two just for our followers. Also be sure to tag your photos with #dpxgear, so we don’t miss any... Read More -->
  • Bikers For Horses: A Documentary from Bosnia

    By Will Grant On the granite hills over looking Livno, Bosnia, a small band of wild horses ekes out a living in a harsh climate. The winters are punishing and the alpine grass is sparse, but the biggest threat to the horses is that they live in a country where human rights issues, economic slack, and the cultural vestiges of war make life hard for a wild horse. The 250 or so descendants of former work horses have lived in these hills since they were replaced by tractors about the end of World War II. Life has not been easy for them. Over the years locals have shot them for amusement, killed them for dog food, stole them or forced some back into domestication. The wild horses of Livno have an unlikely ally: A biker gang of war veterans called the Wolves. Who smoke a lot of cigarettes, spend most nights in a bar, and look years older than they actually are. They are the subject of a new film, called Wild, by Shawn Convey, 39, a Chicago-based filmmaker, who most recently produced a film called DMT—a vivid documentary on dance movement therapy in Calcutta, India. Convey is funding the Wild project through Kickstarter, and he has only a few days to achieve the funding goal of $24,000 to complete the film, which will include footage taken during several past visits to Livno. DMT was also funded through a Kickstarter project. In 2009, Convey quit his job as a commercial marketing photographer in New York... Read More -->
  • The Adventures of Doc White

    By Will Grant Doc White has made a living doing pretty much exactly what he’s always wanted. To say that it’s been an exciting, fun adventure is somewhat of an understatement. From his time in the Navy during the Vietnam War to operating a charter dive company out of San Diego to traveling the world as a marine photographer, White’s love for the ocean, animals, and photography has taken him to the far reaches of the globe. Born in Raleigh, North Carolina on Christmas Day 1946, he was infected with a love for the water at an early age. The Outer Banks of North Carolina were his backyard. It was an idyllic childhood of sailing, exploring, and developing a foundation on which the rest of his life would rest. White attended the University of North Carolina and enrolled in the NROTC program there. In 1968, he graduated with a degree in business. “I studied very little, but I did get my degree,” he says. “In those days you were expected to do something traditional.” White was commissioned in the Navy upon graduation and entered UDT/SEAL training. A knee injury ended his candidacy for Special Warfare and he was assigned to patrol craft fast, or swift boat. At 21 years old he was skippering his own boat in a free-fire zone in the Mekong Delta and on the Cambodia-Vietnam border. In a lot of ways, it was the Wild West. White and his men were young and tough, they often played host to SEALs, CIA operatives, mercenaries... Read More -->

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