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  • DPx HEST/F Shred Featured in RECOIL Magazine Issue 21

    The latest issue of Recoil Magazine included an article on carbon fiber knives and they bragged that "the DPx HEST/F Shred has the most unique integration of carbon fiber into its design in comparison to the rest of the lineup." We agree... Read More -->
  • A Knife for Your Thoughts?

    We want your feedback! Answer a short quiz, provide your email, and we'll enter you into a drawing to win a DPx HEST/F Mr. DP Ti limited edition knife. Plus, just for participating, we'll send you a coupon code for 15% off anything on our site. Here are the rules: answer a few questions by midnight, PST October 31st, provide your email address, and we'll enter you into a drawing for the knife. We'll complete the drawing on November 2nd and notify the winner via email. All participants with an email address entered will receive a coupon code via email on November 2nd as well. We thank you in advance for your support and feedback! Click "enter now" button below to go start the quiz... Read More -->
  • Featured DPx Gear User: Officer Schaufler from Scranton, PA

    FEATURED DPX GEAR USER: OFFICER DAN SCHAUFLER- SCRANTON, PA. Patrolling the streets of North East Pennsylvania requires elite skill, knowledge and tools up for the challenge. Officer Daniel Schaufler carries a DPx HEST/F knife on the job because he can depend on it in the field.  "I am a proponent of carrying a knife you can depend your life on. Yours are one of them," Dan says of DPx Gear knives. In July of 2015, the dangers of his job hit very close to home when Schaufler's comrade, John Wilding, was injured on duty and later died as a result.  He left behind a young wife and children. In order to raise money for John's family, a fundraiser called Wilding's Watch was created and a DPx HEAT/F Shred was auctioned off. 100% off the proceeds of the knife were donated by Schaufler to support Wilding's family. Dan's HEST/F 2.0 pictured inside his patrol car... Read More -->
  • The Differences Between the HEST/F 1.0 and 2.0

    BLADE PIVOT The position of the blade pivot was moved. The position of the touching point between blade and locking bar was moved; In the first run this point was 5.8 mm away from the blade pivot, the second run is 6.7mm.  This has reduced the movement; less power from the blade to locking bar. You can not touch the edge with a finger when the blade is closed. There is more space from the edge to the back of the knife. LOCKING BAR The locking bar is longer. The thrust angle was reduced on the frame from 42° to 37.9°; this creates less twisting of the locking bar. BLADE ANGLE The angle in the heel of the blade was changed. The old one was 11°, the new one is round. THUMB STUD The thumb stud is 14.3 mm away from the blade pivot, the old one was 13.5 mm. This adjustment makes it easier to open the blade. HANDLE The bottom of the handle is larger, so no problem with tip of the blade sticking out of handle in a closed position. There is more space on the G10 handle fora finger to unlock the locking bar. The new thickness of the G-10 is 4.2 mm, vs. the old one, which was 3.2 mm. SPACER The spacer is longer, making a more solid knife. LINER The stainless steel liner has been removed... Read More -->
  • Mötley Crüe's Bassist, Nikki Sixx, Shows Off DPx Knife on Tour

    DPx Gear's inner 1980s hair band groupie was thrilled to be contacted by Mötley Crüe's production team to acquire some DPx knives for bassist and knife fan, Nikki Sixx. He made some great purchases and has been showing off his DPx HEST Original Fire 550 Paracord-wrapped blade via his Instagram account, @nikkisixxpixx. The Crüe is currently on their final worldwide tour. No word yet as to whether or not the DPx crew will get any backstage passes when they roll through San Diego this December... Read More -->
  • Join DPx Gear at the USN Gathering Labor Day Weekend 2015

    It's not a knife show. It's not an industry trade show. It's not a 9 to 5 stroll through a bunch of crowded aisles filled with tables and people that you don't know. It's a huge family reunion with family members who you've personally chosen to call your own." DPx Gear will once again be attending the Usual Suspect Network (USN) Gathering held at Planet Hollywood Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada from September 4th - 5th. DPx will be exhibiting at table 17-A. You can buy tickets and learn more about the show here... Read More -->
  • DPx Gear Announces a New Finish: Assault Stonewashed

    Effective August 2015, the DPx Gear Assault line of knives goes even harder with the Assault Stonewashed finish. In keeping with the Assault’s low visibility, special operations focus, we have added a finish that is more durable and resistant to surface scratches. This new version will feature stonewashed Black TiCN PVD coating instead of the solid matte black TiCN PVD coating. This added step of stonewashing the coating gives the knife an excellent patina and wear on the knife will be less visible but the low visual signature will remain. We are confident this change will better meet the needs of our customers. DPx Gear has already released several of our knife models in this new finish (also referred to as "Grey" finish on our folders) including the DPx HEFT 6 plain edge (shown in picture) and serrated edge, DPx HEST 6 serrated edge, and the DPx HEAT/F (in Elmax and Niolox steels). Look out for the DPx HEFT 4, DPx HEFT 6 Razorback, and DPx HEST II Assault Stonewashed knives coming later this year... Read More -->
  • Press Release - DPx Gear® Introduces The DPx Aculus™ 3D, A Monoblock Gentleman’s Knife Carved From A Solid Block Of Titanium Alloy

    San Diego, CA – July 29, 2015 – DPx Gear, Inc. has released the new monoblock frame gentleman’s knife, the DPx Aculus 3D. It is available in a limited run of 100 pieces available exclusively from DPx Gear and ready for immediate shipment. The DPx Aculus is a hard use gentleman’s knife carved from a single block of 6Al4v titanium alloy. Designed by adventurer Robert Young Pelton after seeing the poor quality and limited strength of traditional military and law enforcement knives, he decided to create an incredibly strong and compact knife. The Aculus is an every day carry tool with beautifully fluid lines, exquisite ergonomics, and a tough blade of the highest quality and finish. The frame is a single seamless machined piece of art, elegantly held together with only two screws. The Aculus was designed for undercover work, where professionals must dress in formal wear but must carry tools that cannot fail. The ergonomics had to work as a knife but also as a concealed hand held tool capable of dealing non-lethal pain to attackers. The DPx Aculus 3D features a unique 3D diamond pattern for superior grip, a tungsten carbide glass breaker with replacement flat head screw, a deep carry pocket clip, razor sharp Niolox tool steel, and DPx Gear’s no-questions-asked lifetime warranty. MSRP for the DPx Aculus 3D is $400 and can be purchased only by visiting www.dpxgear.com/aculus.  Product Specifications MSRP: $400.00 SKU: DPACF003 Blade Length: 3.26” / 83 mm Blade Steel: Stonewashed 61 HRC Niolox tool steel Blade Thickness: 0.14” / 3.50 mm Blade Finish Stonewashed Overall Length: 7.71” / 196 mm Closed... Read More -->
  • DPx Gear Introduces New Custom Shop

    Introducing the DPx Gear Custom Shop. Every month DPx Gear will release a short run of no more than 30 units of a customized version of our knives. Whether it’s a unique engraving or coating never before seen on one of our knives, your Custom Shop knife is sure to be collectible. Each knife will come with its own certificate of authenticity so there’s no question it’s unique and all knives are shipped free within the US. Make sure you sign up for our Custom Shop mailing list by clicking here so you never miss a release and click here to shop Custom Shop products... Read More -->
  • Gear Geeks Live Podcast: DPx Gear Darkens the Door

    Lisa Pelton, COO of DPx Gear, was interviewed on Episode 52 of the Gear Geeks Live podcast where she discussed the products released at SHOT Show 2015, gave insight into DPx Gear's product design philosophy, and offered thoughts on when a steel upgrade is worth it. Listen to the podcast below or on the Gear Geeks site here. Gear Geeks Live is a bi-monthly podcast of gear awesomeness co-produced by Everyday Commentary, Blade Reviews.com and The Edge Observer. ... Read More -->

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