Dark Alliance Firearms & DPx Gear: Start With Our Heirloom Knife Built For A Lifetime, Then Make It Your Own

Dark Alliance Firearms & DPx Gear: Start With Our Heirloom Knife Built For A Lifetime, Then Make It Your Own

January 18, 2020

When you are looking for a lifetime companion in a knife,  DPx Gear is what you choose. Robert Young Pelton’s designs and builders only make the finest survival tools for special operations, expeditions or hard use. RYP can be accused of being hard-nosed and utilitarian in approach.  After all, he makes his knives for his own use in the world’s war zones. 

Some of our customers want more. When they are in the market for a one-of-a-kind spin on a high end knife or gun, the place to go is Dark Alliance Firearms in Las Vegas, Nevada.  One of America’s hottest customizers of weapons and tools.  Co-founder, Jeremy Schmierer is one of the most meticulous and unique firearms engravers out there and he digs DPx Gear.  

Dark Alliance applied their magic to a DPx HEFT 12 CHOP and a DPx HEST/F Urban Ti Night Rider called the “Paisley Patriot”.  In his customizations, Jeremy’s goal is to serve those “that want a truly original piece of art that you can take out, beat up and still hand down to your kid.”

This is one unique operation and he sat down with us to talk about custom engraving and how DPx Gear played a big role when he started his business. 

How did Dark Alliance come to be?  “My personal background is nothing fancy or traditionally trained. I’m no professional shooter or military/ LEO (there are people in our Dark Alliance Family that are those things). At the end of the day, I’m just a guy that loves firearms and got sick of paying people to do stuff that I knew we could do better. It never started out as a “let’s start a business”. It was more of a we can do that, and just kinda grew from there.” 

Your art is super meticulous and unique, are you formally trained?  “I learned through a lifetime of drawing and playing with metal. There are others [on the Dark Alliance team] that have gone to gunsmith school and others that have learned skills that their fathers passed down.” 

We’re all artists. If you are part of the Dark Alliance team it’s for a reason.  You share the same artist mind set as us. We have a very tight group of friends that all add to what people see as the final end product. We all push each other and sometimes that ends in arguments but we’re all family. We get over it and end up happy we pushed each other to get to the next level. You can’t just be happy with your current build or your work will never evolve! 

What are some of your favorite styles and designs to do?  “We’re all kinda twisted creative people so a lot of our work tends to be on the dirty grimy style. I mean we are the Dark Alliance, not the Happy Shine Friendly Alliance, haha."

What are your thoughts on DPx Gear products?  How did they play a role in the start of your business?  “I’ve always loved DPx.  I’ve owned probably 6-8 over the years. In fact the first Christmas of Dark Alliance I bought four HEST ll’s and Cerakoted blood splatter on them and engraved “Dark Alliance“ and “Original 4”, and gave them to the original four buddies I started Dark Alliance with. So yeah, out of all the knife companies out there I’m definitely happy to be working hand in hand with DPx!”

What is your specialty?  “We take average firearms [or knives] and turn them into one-of-a-kind pieces or art. We try and take a firearm/knife that everyone has seen before and turn them into something that’s so personal and unique to them, that they want to hand them down as family heirlooms. If not a family heirloom, at least the firearm that when they and a bunch of buddies are talking about how they all have the best gun collection the customer can say, “oh yeah?... check this out!” and be the hands-down winner.”

You can contact Dark Alliance on through social media, email or through their website: www.darkalliancefirearms.com.  Each piece is truly unique. Jeremy and the team quote each project as an individual, so your best bet is to contact them for more details.  

Some tips: First of all, Jeremy is going to let his talent flow so expect to be impressed. Secondly, blank canvases like the CHOP or the bead blasted or matte PVD coated DPx HEST/F Urban Ti series are great candidates for engraving. For an even greater custom experience, Dark Alliance customs also specialize in Cerakote applications, leather work/tooling, machine work, laser work and custom grips for your firearm too.  

To contact Jeremy at Dark Alliance, see below:

Instagram: @dark_alliance_customs

email: info@darkalliancecustoms.com

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